Australian Calf

Australian Calfskins are a by-product of the dairy industry and in Australia we have a huge dairy industry of around 2 million heifers, predominantly Holstein-Friesian breed. The number of dairy farms in Australia has halved over the past two decades, from 22,000 in 1980 to fewer than 11,000 in 2004. This reflects a general trend in agriculture across many countries, as reduced price paid by the major dairy customers and changing business practices have encouraged a shift to larger, more efficient operating systems.

Interestingly, the areas of Australia favoured for Dairying, are very different to Beef. The percentages for Dairy production in Australia are Victoria 63.9%, New South Wales 12.6%, Queensland 6.7%, Tasmania 5.9% and Western Australia 4%. This is very different to the Beef industry, with Queensland and New South Wales being the dominant forces, and Victoria relatively lower down in percentage terms.

Dairy farmers typically sell their male calves off as bobby calves, at around 4 to 14 days of age, and retain their heifer calves as re-stockers for their older milkers in their herd.

Each year approximately 650,000, predominantly 4 to 14 day old male calves are culled from Victorian dairy farms. Drum salted Victorian meatworks skins are available during the autumn and winter months from May to October.

Victorian Calf Skins

Our Victorian calf skins are sold on the basis of 100% machine pulled 90% sound maximum 10% second/cut selection.

Fresh green skins are delivered daily from the meatworks to our warehouse where they are drum salted . Drum salting ensures good preservation with the addition of specific fungicide and bactericide to ensure proper shelf life of the raw skins. After approximately 7 days draining the skins are graded by weight and packed onto ISPM certified wooden pallets. Each shipment can be supplied with a declaration certificate ISPM 15 if required. Pallets will weigh approximately 1,000 kgs.

We guarantee the highest quality product and all skins are subject to the strictest quality control.


Large Meatworks production from animals of only a few days old at time of slaughter. All breeds are included, Drum Salted with hair on.


Trimmed, nose, ears and pate pieces removed. All misshapen and cut skins classified as seconds. Torn and or slippy and or dead skins excluded.

Typical Calf Skin Weight Grades
Grade Ranges Averages
Light 1.5/2.3 kgs 1.9/2.1 kgs
Medium 2.4/3.0 kgs 2.5/2.7 kgs
Heavy 3.0/4.5 kgs 3.4/3.6 kgs
Run 1.5/4.5 kgs 3.0/3.3 kgs


Trimmed and drum salted using 40% fresh salt and the addition of fungicide and Bactericide. Drums are run for approx 3.5 to 5 hours at 3 rpm to achieve minimum 90% salt saturation. All loads are sampled for analyses. Skins are left to drain for a minium 24 hours (typically 7 days).

These weight grades can be sold separately. Weight ranges and average weights are established at the time of processing. Weight ranges are given in good faith but without guarantee. Typical selection allows 10% seconds or cuts packed all-in but included for sale without any discount.