Kangaroos are a uniquely Australian animal and their skins are a by-product from the commercial harvest of approximately 3 million animals yearly. The commercial harvest is under the management of the Australian Government's, National Parks and Wildlife Department.

Kangaroos are wild native animals and leather made from their skins is renowned as the strongest available. This material is used by the world's leading sporting goods manufacturers for boot and glove leathers.

Only selected species are commercially harvested with about 3 million skins being collected annually. Red Kangaroo skins are well known for their softness and density of fur and are available in either pickled or wet blue condition.

Typical Kangaroo Skin Size Grades
Type Size
Small 3-5 Sqft
Medium 5-7 Sqft
Large 7-9 Sqft
X-Large 9 Sqft up