Australian Deer

The Australian deer industry is based on breeding temperate deer species such as Fallow (Darma darma darma) and Red deer (Cervus elpahus) for production of velvet antler and venison. Production is concentrated in the south eastern sates with some breeding of temperate species in other states and tropical species (Rusa and Chital deer) in Queensland. Approximately 50 to 60,000 deer are slaughtered annually.

Farmed animals produce finer skin qualities and clean grains compared to skins from wild (feral) animals in other parts of the world. Deer skin produces premium quality soft leathers for use in garment, shoe and gloving manufacture. Australia's commercial deer farms stock mainly Fallow and Red deer species with a small number of Rusa and Chital deer.

Deer are slaughtered at specialist modern game meatworks using hide pulling machinery to remove skins from the carcass with minimal flay damage. Skins are machine flayed with a typical assortment of 80/20 Sounds/Cuts.

Pickled deer skins are offered as a Run or (TR) selection excluding 4ths and rejects.

Typical Deer Skin Size Grades
Size Range Average Size
Under 10 Sqft Avg 7/8
Over 10 Sqft Avg 12/14
Over 15 Sqft Avg 17/19